You have One opponent.

You have One chance.

You have One Strike.

Protect your Honour.

Wait for your opportunity and use Space to strike your opponent down!

Created for the GMTKJam 2019 following the theme of "Only One".

While this was mostly a solo project, I outsourced my art to a couple of artist friends of mine:

Jemma Gilbert - Backgrounds, Character Sprites  -

LuAnne Boudier  - Title art, Scroll, Katana -

Please check them out, they are incredible artists and were so great to work with!

Menu screen music - Hokito - JohnLaVine333  - - no changes made

Taiko drumming - taikoset1_ste58 - whatsanickname4u - - - no changes made

Gong -  warm gong - Veiler - - - no changes made

Install instructions

Download the Unity version.

Unzip and click on One Strike.exe



OneStrike1.2 30 MB

Development log


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for the first time i played i thought it was broken the how to play page was useless and the game play is hit space when they try to strike and has very little to do with the theme  


Like the gameplay idea a lot. I believe the transition to the slash scene should be done a little bit faster as you have to wait a bit longer than I think you should. Love the title art, background is well designed, and the music fits well with the gameplay. Good job.

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)


The game looks really good! The music is on point as well.

Thank you so much! This makes me super happy :) 

Neat idea, but there should be a punishement for pressing too early, because now there is nothing stopping the player from just quickly tapping space like a machine gun and winning easily.

I just call it easy mode :P 

I was trying to think of how to do it but got distracted by other stuff and just figured that if people wanna spam space then they can, but then have they truly earned their honour back? :P

really like the art and music, it looks like a game that would be super fun to play if I knew what i was supposed to do

what kind of app did you use for the sound?

you have to wait till the slash happen and press space in time :) 

I found the sounds at and the game was made in Unity.

I hope that helps :D